Certified Pedicure

There's no denying that our feet deserve more care and attention than they're getting. One way to do so, is by making sure that we have healthy nails.
Therefore, pamper your overworked feet through a regular foot care treatment.


Dry and wet method, Treatment of ingrown nails, Pressure pain, Nail fungus and Cracked skin.

Additional Treatment

Foothbath, Nail polish, Footmask, Foot peel, Removal of corns, Foot relaxing massage



Is without a doubt that one has the upper hand thanks to good grooming.
So, be easy on the eye and get their attention by donning beautiful fingernails.


Manicure, Hand scrub, Hand mask, Nail polish, French manicure

Eyelash and Eyebrow

Turn head by giving your lashes that extra volume and length 

Tinted eyebrows frames and flatters face for a harmonious impressive appearance.

Tinted eyelashes appears more voluminous and accentuates the lashes longer.


Eyebrows and eyelash dye, Eyebrow plucking, Day make up and Evening make up.


Professional Eyelash Extensions

Beautiful, thick, long and natural looking eyelashes give the eye a mysterious intensity - a radiant eye-catcher that enchants ! Realise your dream of full, thick eyelashes which give you an unmistakable, mysterious look.

All the Hollywood beauties are already wearing them and are thrilled with results 

A perfect look for a seductive moment 

Ultra thin synthetic eyelashes are fix to your own natural eyelashes with a special adhesive using a specialized technique. Eyelashes extend and / or thicken your own natural eyelashes and in this way ensure perfect styling. Available in different thickness and lengths. LCN eyelashes feel entirely natural and are resistant to water, tears and perspiration.

The Results: 

Depending on the wishes - ranges from very natural to spectacular and emphasises the eyes in a mystical way.

How long do LCN - Captivating Eyelashes last 

They last up to 8 weeks and fall out quite naturally with your own eyelashes. Just like natural eyelashes, they have to be replaced by new eyelashes after a period of time.

This is done in a touch-up appointment.

Follow the care tips of your LCN Eyelashes 

 1. Do not let the eyelashes come into contact with water or cream for 48 hours if at all possible, so that the adhesive can harden completely. 

 2. During the first 2 - 3 days, do not shower using water that is too warm or stay under the shower too long; refrain from using the sauna.

3. Do not use any oily eye make up remover but only non-greasy and water soluble cleansing agents.Clean your eyes gently and

carefully, avoid rubbing or pulling on theeyelashes.

   4. Make sure when using day and eye cream that the cream is applied around the eye and that the eyelashes have as little contact as

possible with the cream.

5.The use of Mascara is actually no longer necessary. If you would still like to put mascara on your eyelashes occasionally, 

                   (no waterproof mascara), please only apply it to the tips.The adhesive can become brittle if mascara is put on the entire eyelash. 

                  6. Attend your refill appointments regurlarly, during the eyelashes that have fallen out  are refilled quickly and without any problems.

7. Do not use eyelash tongs or eyelash perm.

The following always applies

The greater the care when handling your eyelashes, the longer the durability and life of your eyelashes.

Captivating amazing lashes from LCN  


Chin, upper lip, leg , face depilation

Cosmetic Treatments

Cosmetic treatment beautifies not only what meets the eye but also the quality and the way we look at life.

1. Beauty treatment I
Cosmetic treatment implied neck.
These include face cleansing, face toner, facial scrub, detailed skin consultation, impurities removal correction, a gently face massage, face mask depending on skin type.
Final facial care cream. Ampoule on request.

Make up on request.

2. Beauty treatment II
Cosmetic treatment include neck, decollete and Ampoulle.
These include: Face cleansing, Facial tonic, Facial scrub, Detailed skin consultation, Eyebrow correction, Vapozon, Ampoule matching on skin type,
Soothing face massage, Special mask depending on skin type. Final facial care cream.

Make up on request.

3. Intensive removal of impurities

 These include:  Facial cleansing. Face peeling, Vapozon - is the best way preparing skin for a thorough deep cleansing. Removal of skin blemishes.

Afterwards skin face will be spoiled with balancing and calming purifying face mask. 


4. Couperose face Treatment

Weakend capilaries are disturbing and unplesant to the skin. Skin surface are generally delicate and thin. Couperose is a result of dilated blood vessels occurs because of poor skin elasticity .Though it is inhereted by many. Without proper skin care redness can become permanently and visible on the skin. So get your skin stabilize against insolicited redness.

5. Collagen Fleece Treatment
Collagen is endogenous protein. An excellent moisturizing face treatment with high concentrated power mask and free from preserving agents and fragrance substance. Skin redness and irritation will be moderated. Collagen fleece treatment initiate skin for smoother and firm condition. It reduced the formation of fine lines and refined pores as well.

6. Modellage Spa-Treatment
Through the application of valuable minerals, vitamine and micronutrients, this beauty treatment is known as a "faster Beautifier" .

Thermo activity stimulates skin regeneration so that is revived and given a boost as well.
An ideal treatment to combat multiple skin stressors. It provides a fresh effect, tightend look, while facial contours are noticeably firmed and refined.



1. Luxus Body Treatment inclusive Body scrub

Through a relaxing massage, body benefits a lot, it increase your well-being condition.A body massage could improved the appearance of the skin tone and special body scrub help remove the dead cells.Valuable oils moisturize the skin and provided body a well cleaned feeling.Making skin  more resilient and a smooth sensation  condition. A truly luxury body treatment.

2. Body Scrub Treatment

Body scrub is an ideal renewing body treatment and for a better blood circulation. It is fine body caring. It eliminates the dead skin cells makes skin glow and vibrant.
Leaves body skin smooth and a feeling of cleanliness and refreshed. A truly preventative care against dryness.

3. Hot-Stone-Body and Back Massage Treatment

   Hot stone treatment promotes a deeper calm, relaxation for entire body. Heated stone are made of Basalt that contents high of iron and it helps retain the heat during the massage.It is a method for relieving the tension of the body. The heated stones penetrates the skin to promote a better blood flow and create a deeper muscles relaxation.Body benefits because it decreased the symptoms of chronic stress like anxiety. 
It is a very recommendable treatment, promotes body own healing process. 

4. Back Treatment

These include cleaning, moisturizing scrub, soothing back massage - it help loosen pain muscles and improve the blood circulation.

 Afterwards a relax back mask .



Video "Anti-Aging": 1800-f011-2-ionto-meso-highq-1080p.mp4

           We all are getting older and at a certain time the aging matter is becoming an issue for all of us. Everyone will eventually have wrinkles and unfortunately we can't do anthing to put a stop on it. But there are multitude of ways to slow down skin aging. Like the valuable anti-aging products with high natural ingredients.They effectively reduce the visible signs of skin aging like that pale, tired lacking radiance or even the wrinkled, sun damaged skin. 

The truth of the matter is that certain habit increase the risk of premature skin aging. However,taking preventatives measures against it can help your skin look younger. A hydrated skin not only looks great, glowing and healthy but it is also more resilient. Nowadays, the cosmetic industry has come a long way in terms of effective cosmetic treatments like the impressive Micro-Needling the use of tiny  needles that create a tiny punture in the skin without any pain, so that special moisturizer like Hyaluron Active Serum from Grace Nuevo Cosmetic Serum will be transported directly deeper into the skin and can be optimally absorbed. It is truy a rejuvenation treatment. Ultrasound Face Treatment-is one of the best way to lift up the skin and has the ability to promote collagen production. A skin tightening process that makes skin glow and firm.



1. Ultrasound facial Treatment

Ultrasound is destinguished by vibrations with high frequency greater than 20,000 Hz and above  the human hearing range. Ultrasound is occur when high frequency electrical  vibration converted to mechanical oscillations. Ultrasound waves spread through the areas of soft tissue in the body, causing them to vibrate. While the absorbed energy is converted into heat. Ionto-mesosono uses the frequency of 3 MHz only.

Ultasound has a wide spectrum of efficacy in the cosmetic depending  on frequency, intensity and the length of time or the impulse of ultrasound waves caused vibrations in the tissue which is lead to a so called micromassage. Cell membrane are influenced through the diffusion of active substances and the thermal effects of sound wave appears to enhance cell repair process. The impact advantage of ultrasound  treatment, it is only not the basic effect of soundwaves but most of all the provision support of active substances. A non-invasive treatment that is suitable for all skin types.

The following effects of ultraschall are destinguished 

Mechanical Effect. Deep working micro-massage for improvement of the cell metabolism. Influences the biological structures by the alternating pressure.

Diffusion processes are accelerated and the membrane permeability is increased. 

Thermal Effect. Depending on the mode of ultrasound , the vascular dilation is encouraged. The temperature increase in the tissue activitates the metabolism

and promotes the lymp flow.

Biochemical Effect. Diffusion processes improved. The skin is revitalised as the pH condition of the skin becomes more alkaline.

Improved skin texture 

Ultrasound face treatment is in depth. Thermo face treatment and dynamic cell stimulation in one.The soundwave animates skin, own regeneration mechanism and particularly strenghtens the skin textures which  skin cells become more penetrable for high concentrated active ingredients and will be directly absorbed in the inner skin area.Where the unfolding effects fully used. Making skin well moisturized and regenerated.It boast aging-skin, smooth out the line, fade dark circles around eyes area, tighten enlarge pores and improve the acne problems. 

2. Micro-Needling facial treatment 

The disposable needle pads are packed seperately in order to guarantee a safe and hygienic treatment. They can be screwed into handpiece. The small needle pad inside is multidirectional movable and flexibility adjust to the shape of the face. The softly padded needle ensures a gentle and carefull penetration of the skin barrier. Truly a fascinating activity in the inner skin area. Vital and highly concentrated beauty substances are penetrated deeper.

3. MESOsono treatment

Two steps with immediately results

A combination treatment  of meso-needling  using a handpiece and sterile disposable needle pads, and an ultrasound treatment. Common anti-aging products such as cremes, sera, masks etc., stay on skin surface. Its ingredients can hardly overcome the skin barrier. With the MESO-sono, the anti-aging substance hyaluronic acid is transported deeply into the skin. During treatment, a soft padded needle cushion with microscopically small needle points smoothly open the skin barrier in order to facilitate the absorption of the active agents ito the skin.

The subsequent, ultrasound treatment improves the homogeneous absorption of active subsatnces into the skin, so that long-term effect is achieved. The INOTO-SONO ultrasound treatment head witha surface 2,5 square meter is perfectly suitable for treatments of face and cleavage.

Treatment areas 

The IONTO-MESOsono is suitable for the treatment of face, neck, cleavage as well as the backs of the hands.

The effect  and success of MESOsono demonstrated by

. Enhanced absorption of active substances and thereby increased effect of the selected treatment products . Promotion of local blood circulation . Increase in cell metabolism . Improvement of  the water binding capacity . Acceleration and improvement of regeneration process . Activation of blood circulation . smoothing wrinkles.

For what skin conditions should MESOsono treatment be used 

In everyday life the skin is exposed to a large number of aging factors. UV radiation, ozone, environmental pollution, weather conditions, dry air. Tobacco, alcohol, stress and little sleep make the situation worse. The MESOsono treatments counteracts agents these every day skin aging factors. It is a unique, effective alternative to traditional anti-aging treatments. Unlike common massages or cream mask, the MESOsono treatment transports active substances under the skin barrier, where the substances are most effective.

stimulate and sustain the skin with necessary nutrients and oxygen. The cell regeneration is therefore reactivated and skin humidity depots are refilled

The Epidermis

Special Serum penetrate deeper, evenly destributed and provide skin cells with active substances.

The Cell devision

Where skin regeneration restructured.

The connective tissue

The connective tissue will be tightend and restructured, blood circulation stimulated and the skin are renewed with energy

An effective IONTO-MESOsono treatment session should be performed

. Depending on skin type, over a period of 4 weeks with 1 to 2 weekly treatments.

. Subsequently, it should be added to the regular treatment every 4 to 6 weeks in order to preserve  the long term effect.

The results

For a visible beautiful skin complexion 

The skin look younger, fresh, radiant and and well provided.


. Heart diseases . Pacemakers . Pregnancy . Implanted insulin pumps . Inflammations, open wounds, inflammatory acne herpes simplex 

. Cancer and tumours . Tetany (muscle cramps) . Poor circulation . Rosacea . Skin anomalies (neurodermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, etc) . Fever 

. Thromboses, varicose veins, vein inflammations . Embolism . Dieseases of the nerve system as parkinson`s and epilepsy 

Regions of the body should not be treated

. Brain . Spinal cord . Eyes and eyelids . Thyroid gland . Gonands (breast, ovary etc) . Heart

4. Diamant Microdermabrasion (DMD) 

The  skin cells renewed in a regular cycle. This ability decreases with increasing age. The result is deterioration in the skin texture due to the fact no new cells are formed.

 To achieve an improved skin texture, the dead skin particles need to be exfoliated. With Diamond Microdermabrasion the upperskin are exfoliated is a gentle pain free way.
It simulates naturel skin regeneration and visibly improves skin textur.

The aim is

A younger looking skin, a reduction in wrinkle - depth and refined pore.

Main effects of Diamond Microdermabrasion
A gentle and pain free removal of dead skin cells. Stimulation of the cell renewal process.
The best possible preparation of the skin to the subsequent application of highly effective Ingredients and skin care products.

Following results

By applying this gentle and controlled peeling: Fewer age spots. Treatment of larged pores and impure skin.

Reduction of mimic lines. Reduction in cellulite and stretch marks. Refining skin texture.

Stimulation of the cell renewal process.

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