The Skin - Is The Mirror Of The Soul

Shining eyes, laughter lines, well-tended skin.There is no part of our body that manifest the personality so clearly like our skin face.

With cosmetic there is a wide range of possibilities to enhance our personal appearance. But nevertheless our lifestyle and the way we treat life plays an important role.

 So real beauty is not only skin-deep but also comes from within.

Real Beauty Comes From Inside Out



About Grace . . .

I received an excellent and solid education as cosmetician and certified pedicure at the state-approved cosmetic school Sybille Gutsche in Nuremberg. Now  I can look back on a long professional career as a cosmetician. I'm always aiming to perfection and broaden my skills and the methods of my treatments through intensive trainings.
A significant milestone of my career was the outright assumption of a well-established cosmetic-store which has been in operation for 35 years. 

My innermost wish to make my own personal contribution for skin care and the passion for my profession as cosmetician has motivated me to establish my own cosmetic line with beauty products made from finest natural highdose active ingredients and effective anti aging substances.

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The Studio . . .

The Philosophie " Beauty from inside out " is being implemented at my store and thats the driving force that moves us here at Grace Cosmetic.

Regain your strength and spoil yourself by letting your body, mind and soul be pampered to the fullest.
Find the right balance as we help you, look and feel your very best. You can be certain that you will get no less than professional guidance, cordiality and
special costumized treatment that will cater your very need. We guarantee costumer-satisfaction.

Make an appointment at your most convenient time while having the assurance that you are in good hands.

We are looking forward to your visit.


Owner: Grace Nuevo Haunfelder
Sandrartstr. 17  •  D-90419 Nuremberg
Phone 0911 / 3352 86  

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